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Terms and Conditions

The terms contained in this Privacy Statement are capitalized in the same terms as those contained in the General Terms and Conditions Consumer Meeting Application Joinin/Afterparty-at-home.

When you visit Joinin/Afterparty-at-home’s Application or otherwise use their services, the data provided and used will be recorded and processed. The data controller is Joinin/Afterparty-at-home, Schoolstraat 57, 1111 BP Diemen, The Netherlands. Joinin/Afterparty-at-homeis careful and confidential with the information you provide. Joinin/Afterparty-at-home adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act and the Telecommunications Act. As of May 25, 2018, protection of personal data at European level is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation. This is based on Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council as adopted on April 27, 2016. Our methods of processing and data processing also comply with this Regulation. Other applicable laws and rules regarding privacy are also complied with by Joinin/Afterparty-at-home.


Purpose of data registration

The personal data provided by you are processed by Joinin/Afterparty-at-home for the following purposes:

  1. a) To establish appropriate meetings based on the search criteria specified by you, the Participant.
  2. b) If you have paid a paid service or product, to bill.
  3. c) To inform you of the products and services of Joinin/Afterparty-at-home and its affiliates in the Appliation. To this end, your personal information is shared with our cooperation partners as far as necessary.
  4. d) To send you a newsletter, user information, service message or other (electronic) message.
  5. e) To enable login to Facebook to easily register for Joinin/Afterparty-at-home.
  6. f) To show your targeted activities; For example, an advertisement (Join Name) may be shown of an activity of Joinin/Afterparty-at-home based on the information provided to you, which you suspect is of interest to you.
  7. g) To comply with the laws and regulations applicable to Joinin/Afterparty-at-home.


The information known to you may be used anonymously by Anonymous for the analytical purposes. This data is not traceable to you but relates to bundled user information such as: how many men / women visit the site, in which age group the largest number of visitors is concentrated, and so forth. This information enables Joinin/Afterparty-at-home to constantly tailor its products and services to the needs of users. This anonymous data may be made available to third parties by Joinin/Afterparty-at-home for various, including commercial purposes, solely for the purpose of providing interesting offers and actions for the user-specified area of interest, which will then be offered to the user. When using our interactive services, it is possible that an account will be created automatically for you using the personal information you have already provided in connection with one of our other services. It is also possible that when you use different products and / or services from Joinin/Afterparty-at-home, the data provided in that context may be combined with data from (using) other Joinin/Afterparty-at-home products and / or services.


Data disclosure to third parties

Your data (other than the data that belongs to your Profile) will not be provided by Joinin/Afterparty-at-home without your explicit consent to third parties, subject to the following. Your information may be provided to Joinin/Afterparty-at-home’s partnerships without your explicit consent, which may be intercepted by Joinin/Afterparty-at-home in the performance of its services. In such a case, your data will only be used for the purpose for which you provided them.

In addition, it is possible that Joinin/Afterparty-at-home is obliged to provide certain information, for example, to the police in the context of an investigative investigation under applicable laws and regulations. Joinin/Afterparty-at-home will only provide information in these cases if it is clear that a legal obligation to provide exists.

If a dispute arises between you and another user in violation of our Terms and Conditions Consumer Meeting Application Joinin/Afterparty-at-home, in particular Article 3.1 and 3.2 regarding unwanted behavior. In that case, a designated Joinin/Afterparty-at-home employee who is in charge of the complaints will be able to provide access to the mutual chat between you and the other user. If it appears that the complaint is correct, then this will occur as stated in our Terms and Conditions Consumer Meeting Application Joinin/Afterparty-at-home. However, the data being verified will not be disclosed or otherwise communicated to third parties. Only the employee who is responsible for the complaint handling will be aware of this. This also means that a possible police investigation will have to cooperate with access to this data.


Gathering information through the Application or through the website

When using Joinin/Afterparty-at-home’s website, information about your use of the website may be collected, for example by means of cookies. A cookie is a small file that is sent to pages from a website and is stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. The cookie allows your browser to be recognized by repeated visits to a website. Joinin/Afterparty-at-home works mainly with an Application. The information you provide through the Application and the information collected, for example by cookies, by Joinin/Afterparty-at-home and / or third parties, may be used for the following purposes:

  1. a) For functional purposes: to facilitate navigation on the website and Application of Joinin/Afterparty-at-home (
  2. b) For analytical purposes: to analyze the use of the website and the Joinin/Afterparty-at-home app. Example: You can track how many visitors visit a particular Join or Web page, so Joinin/Afterparty-at-home knows which (parts) of her Application and website are popular.
  3. c) For commercial purposes: To keep track of how many and what interesting Joins ads are shown to you (to prevent you from seeing the same ad always) and to see if you clicked on a Join. Example: You can see a Join on the Application. To prevent you from seeing the same Join each other, you can track which Joins have been shown to you.
  4. d) For targeting purposes: To build a profile based on your search behavior, so that your (suspected) interests can be tuned to Joins. This profile may be built based on information from your visit to other websites. Example: If you come to a sports-related website regularly, it is assumed that you are interested in finding a partner in the common interest area sports.


The Joinin/Afterparty-at-home information based on the above information can be combined with Joinin/Afterparty-at-home processed personal data. However, the information collected by third parties is not linked to Personal Data processed by Joinin/Afterparty-at-home. Joinin/Afterparty-at-home does not use and does not have access to this third-party information. The use of cookies and other techniques by these third parties, as intended herein, is subject to their privacy policy usually on their own website (s).


Delete and decline cookies

Using browser settings on your computer, you can delete already deleted cookies and refuse to post new cookies. The way that differs per browser; If necessary, check your browser’s help function. In addition, you can reject most cookies that are used when using websites, both individually and collectively. Here you can also see which of these cookies are active on your browser. After removing and / or refusing cookies, you may still be able to see ads. Note: If you refuse and / or delete cookies, you can not always use all of the features of a website. Additionally, refusing or removing cookies only affects the computer and browser on which you perform this operation. If you are using multiple computers and / or browsers, repeat the above action (s) as often as necessary.


External service providers and other sites

If you use Joinin/Afterparty-at-home partner’s partner services, or if you link to a third-party site, the terms and conditions of the relevant partner or third party apply. You are also advised to consult the privacy statement (s) of this partner (s) or third party (s). For Joinin/Afterparty-at-home’s services that you may access through third party social media services, Joinin/Afterparty-at-home will process the login information used in that context in the manner described in this Privacy Statement.


Security data

Joinin/Afterparty-at-home respects the privacy of its members and other users and ensures that personal information is treated confidentially and with the utmost care. All personal information is securely stored in Joinin/Afterparty-at-home’s administration. This database is only accessible to Joinin/Afterparty-at-home employees for whom it is necessary for their function. Joinin/Afterparty-at-home continues to protect its systems against loss and / or against any form of unlawful use, using appropriate technical and organizational measures, taking into account the state of the art. Joinin/Afterparty-at-home is not liable for unauthorized access to computers or files, advertised viruses or other illegal programs or files, or any other consequence of providing Data to Joinin/Afterparty-at-home.


Input and correction data, data portability and right of resistance

You may access your data processed by Joinin/Afterparty-at-home at any time and without charge and modify this information as required. You can also simply cancel the receipt of proposals, before you delete your account, then no proposals will be sent to you from interesting joins. Additionally, you can email to receive your data digitally or download it directly on the Application. We also make clear what information we have gathered about your areas of interest, which will help you make suggestions for interesting activities (Joins).


Modification of this Privacy Statement

Joinin/Afterparty-at-home reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Any adjustment will be published to the General Information on our Application. We encourage you to consult this Privacy Statement regularly, so that you are always aware of the content of the current Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement was last modified on December 1, 2018.